Safety Data Sheets



Together with our partners, CFT Canada can create, review or reformat your Safety Data Sheets in compliance with regulations across the globe.

They are created in accordance with the respective regulations for environmental, worker and public safety while meeting your company standards. CFT Canada also offers consumer and workplace label design and printing services.

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Table regarding the transition phases for implementation of WHMIS2015 (HPR/new HPA) from repealed WHMIS1988 (CPR/old HPA). The classification, label and (M)SDS must comply fully with the specific law and regulation chosen, and not a combination of the two WHMIS systems.



Table for the coming into force of the WHMIS 2015 (GHS) Safety Data Sheet

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CFT Canada is a partner with Hazmat System


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Ordinateur Hazmat System

Our incredibly user-friendly online health & safety information system allows you to centrally manage all the information critical to your employees, including our MSDS management tool, our Learning Management System (LMS), our document management capabilities and so much more.



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