Compliance Audits

CFT Canada’s compliance audit is designed to verify if the corporation’s procedures meet all laws and regulations, policies and internal guidelines related to dangerous goods regulations in the workplace or offered for transport.


A compliance audit is a great first step to ensure regulations are met.

It will allow the company to know where it stands in relations to dangerous goods compliance whether it be for TDG, WHMIS 2015, environmental or health and safety.

A compliance audit integrates well with environmental and health and safety management programs.



The main objectives of the report is to identify  :

of dangerous goods according to national and international laws and regulations for air, sea and ground transport.


An audit report would cover the following:

Part 1 – Administration :

Policies and responsibilities / Coordination of the program : General information on the companies requirements in order to meet all applicable regulations and obligations.

Training :

Standards :


Part 2 – Compliance :


The auditor will produce a report of recommandations deemed to be mandatory. The recommandations concern training, markings, packaging, handling, exports, imports, transport, storage, management software and much more.