OBJECTIVE :  Once the training completed, the participant will:

  1. Have the knowledge required for handling* DG’s ;
  2. Identify required labels and placards for Canadian TDG ;
  3. Use the driver and handler’s handbook as reference ;
  4. Use a control list prior to accepting dangerous goods ;
  5. Create a product list of his shipments including UN numbers, class of danger and proper shipping names,

The employee will then have acquired the prescribed requirements for handling of dangerous goods according to Canadian TDG.

**This program does not apply to employees tasked with packing for transportas established in the dangerous goods act Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992 (justice.gc.ca)

DURATION : 4 hours



-For in-house training (Groups of 10 participants maximum) : Custom pricing –

-Classroom training at CFT Canada : 165,95 $ per participant




MATERIAL : The participant will be supplied with handouts, use of a current edition of the CANADIAN  TDG and TDG guidebook as well as  a training certificate.

CFT CANADA : This training is compliant with national and international standards for handling* dangerous goods by GROUND according to the Canadian TDG.