EDGR – IATA Regulations Download

The electronic version of the IATA DGR regulations (eDGR) is a software for the expedition of dangerous good by air. It has the same informations as the manual. CFT Canada distributes current edition of the eDGR.

The software provides simplified navigation tools, advanced search, sorting and instant reporting functions, as well as:

  • An interactive, customizable list of dangerous goods;
  • Graphics to illustrate the application of marking and labeling examples;
  • Auto-update feature which keeps your eDGR current and up-to-date.​


Prices are in American currency (USD).  The eDGR is single user only and easy to download direct to your computer.



Code Description Price per licence
07-IATAEDGRE English 349,00$ USD
07-IATADGRF French 359,00$ USD