TY-GARD 2000

CFT Canada is a licensed distributor of  the TY-GARD 2000 securement system

TY-GARD 2000 is easy to use and allows your employees to efficiently  secure your shipment and prevent damage to the goods.

TY-GARD 2000 is specifically designed to provide a lateral and longitudinal securing of cargo, allowing shippers to transport materials (dangerous or not) safely, even in a multi-modal environment.

TY-GARD 2000: 500 feet

TY-PATCH: 250 feet

This securing system is economical, simple to use and provides protection for your goods while in transit.

Prices are in american currency (USD)

ty gard
Code de produit Description Prix unitaire par produit
03-TYGARD2000 Roll 630.00$ USD
03-TYPATCH Roll 390.00$ USD
03-TYTOOLKIT Tool Kit 630.00$ USD
03-TYCART Mobile Dispenser 745.00$ USD